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How to use perker in a sentence. Perker pronunciation.

Perker's dress is also that of the stage attorney, as we have him now, and recognize him.
Snuff taking was then common enough in the case of professional people like Perker.
Mr. Pickwick in reply, asked for Perker.
He had Perker sitting on the rail, but substituted a standing-up figure, talking-presumably Perker, but taller than that gentleman.

Examples of Perker

Example #1
He would not be the attorney without that dress.
Example #2
In fact, on no occasion save one, when he wore a great-coat, does he appear without them.
Example #3
At this moment there is to be seen in the corner of many an antique Hall-Sedan chair laid up in ordinary-of black leather, bound with brass- nails.
Example #4
We can well recall in our boyish days, mamma in full dress and her hair in "bands," going out to dine in her chair.
Example #5
Volumes could not have said more.
Example #6
Later, we are told, Mr. Pickwick entered heart and soul into the business, and, like the sage, caught the prevailing excitement.