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But even Perlin likes the appearance of the people: "The men are handsome, rosy, large, and dexterous, usually fair-skinned; the women are esteemed the most beautiful in the world, white as alabaster, and give place neither to Italian, Flemish, nor German; they are joyous, courteous, and hospitable (de bon recueil).
Perlin's comment is that men are hung for a trifle in England, and that you will not find many lords whose parents have not had their heads chopped off.
The shops were pitiful booths, and the 'prentices standing at the entrance bare-headed and cap in hand, and lining the passages, as the old French writer avers, comme idoles, [Perlin] kept up an eternal din with their clamorous invitations, often varied by pert witticisms on some churlish passenger, or loud vituperations of each other.

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If one, it is now admitted, can do nothing else in this world, he can write, and so the evil widens and widens.
Example #2
And these people, bred on this pabulum, in turn make books.
Example #3
They are badges of devotion, for the time being, to an intellectual life.
Example #4
From the scholarly side, then, if not from the dress side, there is much to be said for the cap and gown.
Example #5
The whole ancient family of the London criers were in full bay.
Example #6
The streets were marvellously narrow, the upper stories, chiefly of wood, projecting far over the lower, which were formed of mud and plaster.