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Only assure me that what you have said is strictly correct-that Bras de Fer and Lenoir are one and the same person-an escaped _forcat_, condemned for life to the galleys.
I've told no one but yourself and one other person-an old friend of Mr. Osmond's.
But it was equally undeniable that he had made his money through a series of commercial speculations distinguished both by shiftiness and daring, and that the man himself had been until the War a wholly negligible "poor white" person,-an overseer, indeed, for "Wild Will" Musgrave, Colonel Musgrave's father, who was of course the same Lieutenant-Colonel William Sebastian Musgrave, C.S.A., that met his death at Gettysburg.

Examples of Person-an

Example #1
M'sieur Mueller, as that God is in heaven," said the model, emphatically.
Example #2
It would be the ruin of me.
Example #3
To which she made answer that she didn't know yet.
Example #4
Caspar if she had tried a little more to gratify Miss Stackpole; but he didn't say so; he only asked, presently, when her marriage would take place.
Example #5
This upstart married Patricia Vartrey, for all the chatter and whispering, and carried her away from Lichfield, as yet a little dubious as to what recognition, if any, should be accorded the existence of the Stapyltons.
Example #6
Also young Stapylton was well enough to look at, too, as Lichfield flurriedly conceded.