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In 1745 he issued his encyclical Vix pervenit, which declared that the doctrine of the Church remained consistent with itself; that usury is indeed a sin, and that it consists in demanding any amount beyond the exact amount lent, but that there are occasions when on special grounds the lender may obtain such additional sum.
Pervenit ad senatum postridie matrum familias caterva.

Examples of Pervenit

Example #1
The most eminent English geologists, such as Falconer, Prestwich, and Lyell, visited the beds at Abbeville and St. Acheul, convinced themselves that the discoveries of Boucher, Rigollot, and their colleagues were real, and then quietly but firmly told England the truth.
Example #2
His support came from the other side of the Channel.
Example #3
Lacrimantes atque obsecrantes orant, ut una potius duobus nupta fieret quam ut duae uni.
Example #4
The consternation of the Roman Matrons, the bewilderment of the Senators, the confession of Papirius, and the reward for his discretion.