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Definition of Petulant

  • Capriciously fretful; characterized by ill-natured freakishness; irritable.

How to use petulant in a sentence. Petulant pronunciation.

With a petulant remark to herself on the selfishness of "those people," she sauntered past.
If she regarded him sadly, the sufferer grew petulant or irate.
Strangely, as it seemed to her, she grew conscious of a personal freedom not unlike what she had vainly desired in the days of petulant girlhood; the sense came only at moments, but was real and precious; under its influence she forgot everything abnormal in her situation, and-though without recognising this significance-knew the exultation of a woman who has justified her being.
She argued against it, and became petulant.
Annoyed and vexed with some appointments of importance, he sent in his resignation, accompanied with a petulant letter.
Miss Genie was at his side, pouting, petulant, provokingly pretty and duly agnostic as to the Polish prince.
Sadie Ried was never fretful, never petulant, and very rarely angry; but when she was, it was a genuine case of unrestrained rage, and woe to the individual who fell a victim to her blazing eyes and sarcastic tongue.
Annabelle's petulant upturned lips are rosebud red.
She sees the bench, comes over to it and sits down with an air of petulant weariness.
These Great Slave Lake Indians are like a lot of spoiled and petulant children, with the added weakness of adult criminals; they are inconsistent, shiftless, and tricky.
Then I saw he was cutting the buttons from my sleeve, how and when he would; therefore I cast away my sword in petulant anger and folded my arms.
Mrs. Cameron was a handsome, well-dressed woman, with an expression that was discontented and, at times, petulant.
From one of the tents came the petulant cry of a sick child and the crooning song of a mother.
Borrow's books,-carelessly written, impatient, petulant, in parts repellant,-have been found so full of the elixir of life, of the charm of existence, of the glory of motion, so instinct with character, and mood, and wayward fancy, that their very names are sounds of enchantment, whilst the fleeting scenes they depict and the deeds they describe have become the properties and the pastimes for all the years that are still to be of a considerable fraction of the English-speaking race.
Yes-unless it's David dancing before the Ark, or some such nonsense,' replied Lucy, with the same petulant gloom.
Considering the petulant advice with which Daddy had sent him off, David was astonished and, in the end, piqued.
Upon the whole, few have been the instances, in the acrimonious history of literature, where a malicious pleasantry like the Rejected Addresses-which the parties ridiculed might well consider more annoying than a direct satire-instead of being met by querulous bitterness or petulant retaliation, has procured for its authors the acquaintance, or conciliated the good-will, of those whom they had the most audaciously burlesqued.
And shall all now be thrown, away In petulant intestine fray?
For when it falls out for the best, Where both are incommoded least, In soul and body two unite, 685 To make up one hermaphrodite, Still amorous, and fond, and billing, Like PHILIP and MARY on a shilling, Th' have more punctilios and capriches Between the petticoat and breeches, 690 More petulant extravagances, Than poets make 'em in romances.
So e're the storm of war broke out, Religion spawn'd a various rout Of petulant Capricious sects, The maggots of corrupted texts, 10 That first run all religion down, And after ev'ry swarm its own.

Examples of Petulant

Example #1
Along this edge of the Downs stands a picturesque row of pine-trees, stunted, bittered, and twisted through many a winter by the upland gales.
Example #2
Hard by was a little wood, delightfully grassy and cool, fenced about with railings she could easily have climbed; but a notice-board, severely admonishing trespassers, forbade the attempt.
Example #3
He would not endure a question concerning his health.
Example #4
All his doings were to her a subject of ceaseless anxiety, of a profound distress which, in his presence, she was obliged to conceal.
Example #5
A day or two of roaming at large gave her an appetite for activity.
Example #6
Her mental suffering had made the physical harder to bear; she was now recovering health of mind and body, and found with surprise that life had a new savour, independent of the timorous joy born with her child.