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Definition of Photocopy

  • a photographic copy of written or printed or graphic work
  • reproduce by xerography

How to use photocopy in a sentence. Photocopy pronunciation.

Les dispositifs d'annotation informatique sont pourtant loin d'égaler ceux, analogiques, de la lecture papier: post-it, pages cornées, notes en marge, photocopies commentées, agrandies, modifiées, partagées...
We are still providing photocopies of periodical articles, although our use of paper has diminished slightly, due to the availability of full text articles on the Internet in PDF format.
I would rather access them on-line and copy sections that I need for my work, whereas today I either have to photocopy relevant pages, or scan them in, etc.
For example, it's currently easier and cheaper for someone to buy one of our books than to photocopy a book - in its entirety.

Examples of Photocopy

Example #1
C'est toujours une question, une frustration, cette impossibilité du papier à entrer dans la machine!
Example #2
Quelques instants fugaces de babillard avec des Canadiens perdus dans les grands froids.
Example #3
This allows all OECD agents to search the CDI's catalogue easily from their own offices.
Example #4
The catalogue was mounted onto our Intranet pages in October 1999.
Example #5
I expect that soon I will use the Internet for video telephoning, and that will be a happy development.
Example #6
Currently, while I can find out about books on-line, I need to get the books into my hands to use them.