Pickering in a sentence

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How to use pickering in a sentence. Pickering pronunciation.

I shan’t drag his name through the courts, not even to please you, Arthur Pickering,” I declared hotly.
No; my conduct shall be exemplary, Mr. Pickering,” I added, with affable irony.
The big chap in the lead is my friend Pickering,” I answered; and Larry turned his head slightly.
Quite so, Mr. Pickering,” said Larry, nodding his head gravely.

Examples of Pickering

Example #1
My grandfather was a fine old gentleman.
Example #2
I abide by the terms of the will.
Example #3
He picked up a single sheet of thin type-written paper and passed it across the table.
Example #4
I supplied the words in my cheerfullest tone.
Example #5
Yes, I supposed you weren’t looking at the women,” he observed dryly.
Example #6
You’re taking unfair advantage,” he observed quietly.