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How to use picket-fence in a sentence. Picket-fence pronunciation.

With what a yearning, aching heart Mrs. Cliff looked upon the little picket-fence which ran across the front of her property!
He had not offered to hurt any one; but after wandering about a little, rather aimlessly, he had come to a picket-fence, and a moment later began pacing up and down in front of it, just the length of his cage.
It was so open, cheerful, hospitable, in the appearance of its smooth, broad avenues and pretty little parks, with the bronze statues which all looked noble-in the moonlight; it was such a combination and piquant contrast of shabby ease and stately elegance-negro cabins and stone mansions, picket-fences and sheds, and flower-banked terraces before rows of residences which bespoke wealth and refinement.

Examples of Picket-fence

Example #1
How beautiful that fence would be with a new coat of paint, and how perfectly well she could afford it!
Example #2
What would the neighbors think of Captain Horn's abnormal bounteousness if they knew this?
Example #3
They had come and led him back to his prison without trouble, and he had rushed eagerly into it.
Example #4
It was about an aged lion that had broken loose from his cage at Coney Island.
Example #5
The very aspect of the street population was novel; compared to New York, the city was as silent as a country village, and the passers, who have the fashion of walking in the middle of the street upon the asphalt as freely as upon the sidewalks, had a sort of busy leisureliness, the natural air of thousands of officials hived in offices for a few hours and then left in irresponsible idleness.
Example #6
When she came to Washington in the winter season the beautiful city seemed to welcome her and respond to the gayety of her spirit.