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How to use picket-pin in a sentence. Picket-pin pronunciation.

At length the watch was told off, the lariats were shortened, the picket-pins driven home, and my comrades, rolling themselves up in their blankets, rested their heads in the hollow of their saddles, and went to sleep.
A shod hoof sounded upon the stones outside; it was Gode with my horse; and the next moment I heard him hammering the picket-pin into the pavement.
As the savage approached her, a sudden thought seemed to strike him, and diverging slightly from his course, he plucked up the picket-pin, coiled the lasso with the dexterity of a gaucho, and sprang upon the animal's back.
He is smaller than a picket-pin.

Examples of Picket-pin

Example #1
The old hunters had their pipes and tobacco, my friend and I our cigars, and we sat round the ashes till a late hour, smoking and listening to wild tales of mountain adventure.
Example #2
Luckily, Saint Vrain and I had our flasks along; and as each of them contained a pint of pure Cognac, we managed to make a tolerable supper.
Example #3
Shortly after, Saint Vrain himself returned.
Example #4
I had wounded the feelings of one who had not injured me, and for whom my friend evidently entertained a high respect.
Example #5
It was a well-conceived idea, but unfortunate for the Indian.
Example #6
She was browsing where Rube had dismounted, out among the slaughtered buffaloes, and directly in the line of the chase.