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How to use piece-and in a sentence. Piece-and pronunciation.

Take a sample-this piece-and go at once to Chicago.
I had a cousin who kept a summer hotel up here in the mountains a piece-and he was short-handed that summer and got me to go up and help him out.
And besides, I want to play something more to you-a very pretty piece-and your cousin Edmund's prime favourite.
I've stayed at home and made quantities of Duchesse lace-I almost finished a love of a center piece-and mama thinks I have reformed.

Examples of Piece-and

Example #1
I know of some capitalists there who are making large investments in the South, and I have no doubt that they will be pleased to make you an offer for your property.
Example #2
Young man," said he, "if we had the ready means we would buy that mine, but we haven't.
Example #3
Then he was taken sick, and I had the whole thing on my shoulders!
Example #4
And the place cleared more that summer'n it ever did!
Example #5
Fanny felt that she must; and though she had not waited for that sentence to be thinking of Edmund, such a memento made her particularly awake to his idea, and she fancied him sitting in that room again and again, perhaps in the very spot where she sat now, listening with constant delight to the favourite air, played, as it appeared to her, with superior tone and expression; and though pleased with it herself, and glad to like whatever was liked by him, she was more sincerely impatient to go away at the conclusion of it than she had been before; and on this being evident, she was so kindly asked to call again, to take them in her walk whenever she could, to come and hear more of the harp, that she felt it necessary to be done, if no objection arose at home.
Example #6
Such was the origin of the sort of intimacy which took place between them within the first fortnight after the Miss Bertrams' going away-an intimacy resulting principally from Miss Crawford's desire of something new, and which had little reality in Fanny's feelings.