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How to use pietatem in a sentence. Pietatem pronunciation.

Nam si christianam saperent pietatem, non intra priuatos tantum parietes, sed super tecta, iuxta Christi præscriptum, & legi & predicari summoperè sua curarent.
Nam si pietatem respicias, it is to be feared that, considering she is a Frenchwoman, a nun, and moreover a fugitive nun, about whose chastity there has been considerable question, the Prince has got out of the frying-pan into the fire.

Examples of Pietatem

Example #1
Veritas enim lucis amica, odit tenebras.
Example #2
Quæ omnia, manifestissima sunt impietatis & errorum indicia.
Example #3
It had been his intention to sack the city, to re-establish exclusively the Roman Catholic worship, to trample upon the constitution which he had so recently sworn to maintain, to deprive Orange, by force, of the Renversal by which the Duke recognized the Prince as sovereign of Holland; Zealand; and Utrecht, yet notwithstanding that his treason had-been enacted in broad daylight, and in a most deliberate manner, he had the audacity to ascribe the recent tragic occurrences to chance.
Example #4
He also reclaimed the prisoners who still remained in the city, and to obtain all this he applied to the man whom he had bitterly deceived, and whose life would have been sacrificed by the Duke, had the enterprise succeeded.