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Whether it's the tariff on pig-iron, the patent royalties, the skilled labor, the artistic designs, the steam joints and high pressure, or all combined, that make the cost, I cannot say, but I have faith that some one of the noble army of inventors will, erelong, give us a system more economical in manufacture and simple in use than any at present known.
Mr. KELLEY said that he took his stand upon American pig-iron, for which our fathers fought and bled.
Hands alone 1571 1/4 pounds, done by C. G. Jefferson, an amateur, at Clinton, Mass December 10, 1890; with harness, 3239 pounds, by W B. Curtis, at New York December 20 1868; Louis Cyr, at Berthierville, Can., October 1, 1888, pushed up 3536 pounds of pig-iron with his back, arms, and legs.

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It will hardly bring him a fortune, however.
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As to your next inquiry, I do not think our winter quarters can be warmed so safely and healthfully in any other way as by steam or hot-water radiators; but the first cost of the modes now in use puts them beyond the reach of common people, the very ones who need them most.
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Did they never hear of Valley Forge?
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At first he said he was a pismire, but the Speaker said pismire was not parliamentary, and he modified it to grasshopper.
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It occupied a dollar-sized area above the nape of the neck, and in twelve years reached the length of 12 feet.
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Tulpius, Sennert, Langius, van Swieten, a Castro, and several others report depraved appetites.