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How to use pikehead in a sentence. Pikehead pronunciation.

In a few weeks the whites had bartered away nearly all the axes, chisels, hoes, and picks, and what powder, shot, and pikeheads they could steal, in exchange for furs, baskets, young beasts and such like commodities.
Mr Pikehead had certainly no wish to be in the company of his black allies, whom he had instigated to attack the camp, for making them a speech in their own tongue, he sent them off in a different direction to that we were about to follow.
I hope Master Pikehead won't forget to send us the food he promised; I'm getting rather sharp set already.

Examples of Pikehead

Example #1
Though the supply of furs was scanty in Virginia, one master confessed he had got in one voyage by this private trade what he sold in England for thirty pounds.
Example #2
At this time in the "old Taverne," as Smith calls the fort, everybody who had money or goods made all he could by trade; soldiers, sailors, and savages were agreed to barter, and there was more care to maintain their damnable and private trade than to provide the things necessary for the colony.
Example #3
He then directed each man to take up his package, gave the word to march, and we set off.
Example #4
The remainder of the provisions was done up into packages, so that each of us might carry enough to last until we reached the village.
Example #5
Harry and I confessed that we were also feeling very hungry.
Example #6
Even the talking about food gave a new turn to our thoughts.