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The knowledge that he was better able to deal with the question than any one who might conceivably have taken his place-this conviction, which was presently confirmed by the peaceable adjustment of the strike, helped to make the sense of his immediate usefulness outbalance that other, disintegrating doubt as to the final value of such efforts.
These slaves believe that, because Cousrouf Pacha condescends to live in this desolate place-this miserable nest they can mock and deny me their respect with impunity.
A fascinating brilliant girl, who naturally adopts for her patroness the blue-stocking Minerva; a man-hatress, as clever girls so often are, and determined to pay the author of the Iliad out for his treatment of her sex by insisting on its superior moral, not to say intellectual, capacity, and on the self-sufficient imbecility of man unless he has a woman always at his elbow to keep him tolerably straight and in his proper place-this, and not the musty fusty old bust we see in libraries, is the kind of person who I believe wrote the Odyssey.
They express themselves to any stranger they meet with ease and politeness, with a point and a vivacity which is certainly striking; but which is, of all things, the farthest removed from nature: and it is the consequence of this interchange which has taken place,-this imitation of the manners of the higher orders by the lower classes of the peasantry-that we shall in vain look for any thing in France like a simple national poetry.

Examples of Place-thi

Example #1
And so he tried to settle down into a kind of mechanical altruism, in which the reflexes of habit should take the place of that daily renewal of faith and enthusiasm which had been fed from the springs of his own joy.
Example #2
Soon after his return to Hanaford he found himself compelled to grapple with the hardest problem of his industrial career, and he was carried through the ensuing three months on that tide of swift obligatory action that sweeps the ship-wrecked spirit over so many sunken reefs of fear and despair.
Example #3
But I tell you, tschorbadji, I tell you, and all the men of Praousta and Cavalla, you shall remember this day!
Example #4
If these men do not submit, if they do not pay what they ought to pay, then you may all beware, for a day will come, and, by Allah, it is not far off, when Cousrouf Pacha will leave his exile with new honors!
Example #5
Of course in reality the work must be written by a man, because they say so at Oxford and Cambridge, and they know everything down in Oxford and Cambridge; but I venture to say that if the Odyssey were to appear anonymously for the first time now, and to be sent round to the papers for review, there is not even a professional critic who would not see that it is a woman's writing and not a man's.
Example #6
The love-business in fact of the Odyssey is turned on as we turn on the gas-when we cannot get on without it, but not otherwise.