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Definition of Placement

  • The act of placing, or the state of being placed.
  • Position; place.
  • contact established between applicants and prospective employees
  • the act of putting something in a certain place
  • the spatial property of the way in which something is placed

How to use placement in a sentence. Placement pronunciation.

It’s another thing to receive an appointment to be interviewed by a placement officer in the Commissariat of Interplanetary Affairs, Department of Personnel.
At the desk at the far side of the room the placement officer was going through a sheaf of papers.
Je l'entendais toujours se plaindre, parler d'économies, de réformes, de placements avantageux.
Les considérations financières comme les placements initiaux de titres (les IPO - initial public offers), les options d'achat d'actions, la montée fulgurante du Nasdaq fin 1999 et début 2000, puis la correction boursière du printemps, bref, toute cette activité a dominé grandement l'actualité du cyberespace.
He could not be two places at once-he needed a subleader to oversee the move of the Rejects and their possessions into the woods and their placement after they got there.
New Jersey |Appropriation for placement work.
Raised funds through a series of private placements locally, in the USA, Canada and London.
And the very fact that Chinese has had to depend on placement of its monosyllables to express all the relations for which speech is called upon, instead of relying on changes of form, seems to have, and indeed has so stimulated the development of pure linguistic power that the language is actually as perfect and clear a medium of cultured and learned intercourse, as is the Sanskrit, the supreme type of the so-called most developed form, the inflectional.
This integral unity of the whole sentence or expression, dominated by a perspective of ideas rather than of forms, which is achieved in Chinese by the elaboration of placement, is also characteristic of the structure of the languages of the American continent; but, these languages being polysyllabic, the vividness and unity are attained by a method described as Incorporation, whereby the accessories of relation are so included in or attached to the leading word that the whole expression assumes the form and sound of a single word.
C'est un placement comme un autre, dont on reçoit les intérêts en agrément.
Mais le Cardinal est avare, et il craint de toucher à ses biens de La Fère, de Brouage, de Sedan et de Vincennes, à ses placements à l'étranger, il recule et renonce à la place, laissant Foucquet occuper seul la surintendance.
Les affaires industrielles et commerciales étant nulles, les capitalistes cherchaient des placements sûrs.
This has reached completed form in the placement of branch libraries as part of the park equipment, either quarters within a general building, or a separate little building adjacent to or on the athletic field.
The temporary positions used to outnumber the permanent placements; at present the reverse is true.
The punishment for repeated violations of required measures, weights, or prices of bread and ale by a baker or brewer; selling of spoiled or unwholesome wine, meat, fish by brewers, butchers, or cooks; or a steward or bailiff receiving a bribe was reduced to placement in a pillory with a shaven head so that these men would still be fit for military service and not overcrowd the jails.
For the second offense was prescribed imprisonment, and for the third offense placement in the pillory.
Forgery, fraud, was punishable by the placement in the pillory or stocks or by imprisonment.
The penalty for usury is placement in the pillory, imprisonment for half a year, and a fine of 400s.
They were called Livery Companies and categorized their memberships in three grades: mere membership, livery membership, and placement on the governing body.

Examples of Placement

Example #1
It’s one thing doing up an application and seeing it go onto an endless tape and be fed into the maw of a machine and then to receive, in a matter of moments, a neatly printed rejection.
Example #2
Ronny Bronston was under no illusions.
Example #3
He looked up and said, “Ronald Bronston?
Example #4
He stood at easy attention immediately inside the door.
Example #5
Parfois elle venait près de ma table, feuilletait dédaigneusement les vers commencés.
Example #6
Il me semblait pourtant qu'avec cela on pouvait vivre sans souci du lendemain.