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A small stream falls in a succession of cascades over the harder beds of pudding-stone, which resist, while the sandstone and plant-bearing shales and marls give way.
In the same plant-bearing deposits of the Lower Molasse in Switzerland leaves have been found which have been ascribed to the order Proteaceae already spoken of as well represented in the Oeningen beds (see Chapter 14).
On the Age and Correlations of the Plant-bearing Series of India and the Former Existence of an Indo-Oceanic Continent" ("Quart.

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From the latter no less than 193 species of plants have been obtained by the exertions of MM.
Example #2
The strata there, which I have myself examined, consist of alternations of conglomerate, sandstone, and finely laminated marls with fossil plants.
Example #3
St. Abb's Head, curved strata of. -, unconformable stratification at. St. Andrews, carboniferous trap-rocks of. St. Cassian, fossil mollusca of. - and Hallstadt beds.
Example #4
The Proteas and other plants of this family now flourish at the Cape of Good Hope; while the Banksias, and a set of genera distinct from those of Africa, grow most luxuriantly in the southern and temperate parts of Australia.
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His work there began with the "Flora of Hong Kong," which was followed by that of Australia published in 1867 in seven volumes octavo.
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In 1854 he presented his collections and books (valued at 6,000 pounds) to the Royal Gardens, Kew, and for the rest of his life resided in London, and worked daily at the Herbarium.