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How to use pleide in a sentence. Pleide pronunciation.

Thei pleide hem there a day or tuo, And as it was fortuned so, It fell that time in such a wise, To Bachus that a sacrifise Thes yonge ladys scholden make; And for the strange mennes sake, 3140 That comen fro the Siege of Troie, Thei maden wel the more joie.
And sche, that was a lusti wyht, It liketh hire al that he seide: And thus thei duelle there and pleide The longe dai.
And thus the queene with him pleide In sihte of alle men aboute.

Examples of Pleide

Example #1
In what manere he mihte aspie Achilles fro Dei5damie And fro these othre that ther were, Full many a lusti ladi there.
Example #2
Ne be his vois, ne be his pas.
Example #3
Weere in a place, as I am lerned, Nyh by, which Bachus wode hihte.
Example #4
And in his herte it hath so noted, That he forsok the Nimphes alle, And seide he wolde, hou so it falle, Assaie an other forto winne; So that his hertes thoght withinne He sette and caste hou that he myhte Of love pyke awey be nyhte That he be daie in other wise To stele mihte noght suffise: 6850 And therupon his time he waiteth.
Example #5
Ther schal nothing be left behinde.
Example #6
He mihte noght himselve stiere, That he ne made hire hevy chiere; Bot he which couthe of alle sorwe, Nectanabus, upon the morwe Thurgh the deceipte and nigromance Tok of a dragoun the semblance, 2180 And wher the king sat in his halle, Com in rampende among hem alle With such a noise and such a rore, That thei agast were also sore As thogh thei scholde deie anon.