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Definition of Plenarily

  • In a plenary manner.
  • in a plenary manner

How to use plenarily in a sentence. Plenarily pronunciation.

The chief reason, among the many sound and compelling reasons, that led to the formation of the National Government was the absolute need that the Union, and not the several States, should deal with interstate and foreign commerce; and the power to deal with interstate commerce was granted absolutely and plenarily to the Central Government and was exercised completely as regards the only instruments of interstate commerce known in those days-the waterways, the highroads, as well as the partnerships of individuals who then conducted all of what business there was.
If, therefore, we can show that the Bible can be authority _without being_ plenarily inspired, very possibly Orthodoxy would no longer cling to this doctrine with such remarkable tenacity.
The Scriptures are inspired, we affirm, because, being authentic and true, they declare themselves inspired; and the Scriptures are plenarily inspired, because, being inspired, they say that they are so totally, and without any exception.
Yet, say they, we are not assuming that this text is plenarily inspired, for that, we admit, would be begging the question.

Examples of Plenarily

Example #1
Interstate commerce is now chiefly conducted by railroads; and the great corporation has supplanted the mass of small partnerships or individuals.
Example #2
Of course the policy set forth in such twin denunciations amounts to absolutely nothing, for the first half is nullified by the second half.
Example #3
This point of authority we shall consider in another section of this chapter, and so we will say no more about it now.
Example #4
It does not give us speculations about them, but shows us the things themselves.
Example #5
We address men who respect the Scriptures, and who admit their truth.
Example #6
The answer they make is, “We are not reasoning with Infidels, but with Christians.