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Definition of Plumeless

  • Without plumes.

How to use plumeless in a sentence. Plumeless pronunciation.

The sleeping shell-ducks at the sound arise, And utter loud their unharmonious cries; Fluttering they move their weedy beds among, Or instant diving, hide their plumeless young.
Our own day has doubtless brought forth critics and students of else unparalleled capacity for the task of laying wind-eggs in mare's nests, and wasting all the warmth of their brains and tongues in the hopeful endeavour to hatch them: but so fine a specimen was never dropped yet as this of the plumed or plumeless biped who discovered that if Dogberry had not been Dogberry and Verges had not been Verges they would have been equally unsuccessful in their honest attempt to warn Leonato betimes of the plot against his daughter's honour.
Aymer still on the selle, but motionless, and his helm battered and plumeless, his brand broken, his arm drooping.

Examples of Plumeless

Example #1
Along the wall, returning from the town, The weary rustic homeward wanders down: Who stops and gazes at such joyous crew, And feels his envy rising at the view; He the light speech and laugh indignant hears, And feels more press'd by want, more vex'd by fears.
Example #2
Those measured tones which with the scene agree, And give a sadness to serenity.
Example #3
The only explanation of the mistake is this; and it is one of which the force will be intelligible only to those who are acquainted with the very singular physiology of that remarkably prolific animal known to critical science as the Shakespearean scholiast: that if Dogberry had been other than Dogberry, or if Verges had been other than Verges, the action and catastrophe of the whole play could never have taken place at all.
Example #4
No quainter and apter example was ever given of many men's absolute inability to see the plainest aims, to learn the simplest rudiments, to appreciate the most practical requisites of art, whether applied to theatrical action or to any other as evident as exalted aim, than the instance afforded by that criticism of time past which sagaciously remarked that "any less amusingly absurd" constables than Dogberry and Verges would have filled their parts in the action of the play equally well.
Example #5
On came man and horse, on,-charging on, not against Infidel but Christian.
Example #6
To the rescue!' cried bold King Richard, and on rushed the crusaders to Aymer's help; when lo! and suddenly the ranks severed, and the black steed emerged!