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She knows me too well to suspect me of clandestine intercourse with a wretch like Podstadsky.
Podstadsky was the son of a distinguished nobleman, high in the emperor's favor; he had just returned from his travels, and all the Viennese gallants were eager to imitate him in every thing.
To see him in the box of the beautiful stranger was to fire the ambition of every man to know her; the more so that the haughty Podstadsky, instead of accepting a seat, was standing in an attitude of profound respect, which he maintained until he took his leave.
Podstadsky, of course, was assailed with questions in relation to the countess.
Podstadsky confessed that even he had been desperately in love with her, but finding her unapproachable, had left Rome in despair.
The consequence of this recital was that Podstadsky's young acquaintances were clamorous for presentation to la contessa.
This, of course, increased the longing of the gallants tenfold, and the next day when her equipage was seen coming in the park, it was followed by many an eager horseman, jealous beyond expression of Count Podstadsky, who was admitted to the blessed privilege of riding near the lady of their thoughts.
She turned slowly around, and dropped it again-for the intruder was Count Podstadsky.
The banker disappeared through a tapestry-door, and scarcely had he closed it when Count Podstadsky was announced.
Rachel had so unconquerable an aversion to Podstadsky that, instead of going forward to greet him, she actually stepped back and raised her hand as if to ward him off.
At the idea of his becoming a Jew, Podstadsky burst out into a fit of laughter; but Rachel affected not to hear it.
At mention of her father's wealth Podstadsky felt that he had laughed too soon.
Count Podstadsky came forward to meet her with ceremonious courtesy.
She whom you rescued thence has received the baptism of shame; and you, Count Podstadsky, were her sponsor.
Podstadsky," said she, throwing back her superb head, "you have about as much heart as a hare, who runs from a rustling leaf, taking it to be the clink of the hunter's rifle.
It was his steward, who announced that a lady, closely veiled, wished to speak with Count Podstadsky on urgent business.
With the bow and smile of a veritable libertine, Count Podstadsky offered his arm to the lady, whose face was completely hidden by a long black veil.
It was a touching scene, and Count Podstadsky himself was not unmoved by its silent eloquence.
There, among its solitudes-" A clear, musical laugh was heard, and the melodious voice of a woman spoke these scornful words: "Count Podstadsky a peasant!
The vision came forward, smiling, and, Podstadsky dashing away his tears, passed in one instant from the heights of saving repentance to the unfathomable depths of hopeless obduracy.

Examples of Podstadsky

Example #1
I cannot write to him, however, that would be a compromise of my own honor; but I will send him a verbal message by my own faithful old nurse.
Example #2
He says that we will find nothing to eat in the village.
Example #3
On their borders, in the very midst of the rubbish and kitchen offal that lay about in heaps, dirty, half-naked children, with straw-colored hair, tumbled over one another, or paddled in the water.
Example #4
Between the hedges were muddy pools, over which the ducks were wrangling for the bits of weed that floated on the surface of the foul waters.
Example #5
In the farm-yards around the dung-heaps, the youngest children of the cottagers kept company with the sow and her grunting pigs.