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How to use poge in a sentence. Poge pronunciation.

It was doubtless the sight of those eighteen great hatchments which still hang in the little church at Stoke Poges that inspired Gray to attune his harp to such lofty strains.
Who that has ever visited the village of Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire will forget the lane by which he approached the home and last resting-place of the poet Gray?
Very similar to the quiet and leafy lane at Stoke Poges is the brook below the waterfall at A- in the Cotswolds.

Examples of Poge

Example #1
It was borne at Agincourt perhaps; at Crecy, or Poitiers, or in the lists for some "faire ladye"; and it is a token of ancient chivalry, an emblem of the days that have been and never more will be.
Example #2
It was his cognizance in the field of battle and at the tournament.
Example #3
Perhaps you came from Eton, and after passing along a lane that is completely overhung with an avenue of splendid trees, where the thrushes sing among the branches as they sing nowhere else in that neighbourhood, you turned in at a little rustic gate.
Example #4
There is something unspeakably striking about a country lane or a shallow, rippling brook overarched with a tracery of fretted foliage like the roof of an old Gothic building.
Example #5
On your left as you look up stream from the bridge of the "pill," a moss-grown gravel path runs alongside the water under a hanging wood of leafy elms and smooth-trunked beech trees, where the ringdoves coo all day.
Example #6
Gray's "Elegy" will never be forgotten; for it has struck its roots deep in the national language and far down into the national heart.