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Definition of Polander

  • A native or inhabitant of Poland; a Pole.

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Wierski, a Polander, presented to Maximilian II, was 8 feet high.
It was at this time also, that Gen. Count Pulaski, a Polander, began to distinguish himself as a partisan.
Col. Kosciusko, a Polander, solicited Gen. Greene to afford him an opportunity of distinguishing himself; and as the covering party to the wood-cutters was the only one which now presented itself, the general gave him a command to attack them, which he did, and was defeated with the loss of a great many men, and among the slain was the gallant Capt.
Many gallant men were the victims of count D'Estang's folly in this affair; among the number was that impetuous Polander, the count Polaski.

Examples of Polander

Example #1
Parrott reports the history of a man of fifty, weighing 196 pounds, who fell 110 feet from the steeple of a church.
Example #2
At the age of thirty-two there died in 1798 a clerk of the Bank of England who was said to have been nearly 7 1/2 feet high.
Example #3
His address in single combat, was greatly celebrated.
Example #4
What rendered his fate the more melancholy, was, that the act was done by the mistake of his own countrymen.
Example #5
It occurred late in the year 1782, when the British troops were preparing to evacuate Charleston: they had a covering party on James' island to protect their wood-cutters, and another on Lamprere's point to protect their getting water for their shipping.
Example #6
Sir, The anecdote of Gen. Marion you requested me to relate to you, I now take the first opportunity to mention.