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Pooley says that Maldonato, in his "Commentaries of Four Gospels," mentions a healthy and robust man who on hearing of his sentence of death sweated blood, and Zacchias noted a similar phenomenon in a young man condemned to the flames.
Pooley quotes the case of a young woman of indolent habit who in a religious fanatical trance sweated blood.
He came to Pooley Height, And there he kept the Rising Sun, And drunk was ev'ry night.
Landlords at Pooley to eternity.

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Example #1
Pode mentions a somewhat similar case in a man of fifty-six, under the care of Thom.
Example #2
Figure 237 represents a case of multiple fibromata of the skin shown by Octerlony.
Example #3
He said that it had always been as long as this, but had lately become thicker, and two months previously the skin over the lower part of the tumor had ulcerated.
Example #4
The man was pale and emaciated, with anxious expression, complaining of a tumor which he described as a "wishing-mark.
Example #5
Wherever he was bound, To hold a crack with noble Will, And take a cheerful cup Of brandy, or of Penrith ale, Or pop, right bouncing up.
Example #6
Then let us not his name abuse- We'll ne'er see sic another.