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Definition of Popple

  • To move quickly up and down; to bob up and down, as a cork on rough water; also, to bubble.
  • The poplar.

How to use popple in a sentence. Popple pronunciation.

Below them the valley shimmered in the heat; the grass was hot and brittle underfoot; popples bent and twisted in a scorching wind, and a soft, dark glitter of movement ran through the pines on the opposite hillside.
I shouted in return, gasping in the midst of the wild popple that leaped about the labouring craft; and the next instant a flake of the uncoiling end of the line hit me sharply across the face.

Examples of Popple

Example #1
The Farm ain't got a mite of shade round it," Lizzie said; "just sets there at the crossroads and bakes.
Example #2
It was a mild face, but not weak.
Example #3
The man flung up his hand in reply and, holding on to the rope, started _at a run_ along the deck, dragging me after him.
Example #4
At length, gasping for breath, I rose to the surface, and found that I was within twenty feet of the barque's stern, with the whole of her crew upon their feet, anxiously watching me, while a man stood at her taffrail, holding a coil of rope in his hand.