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Below this the country is of various aspects-hills, bottom-land, and high rocky bluffs; and towards the mouth, cotton-wood trees, (_populus angulata_), and cane brakes, are interspersed along the banks.
The only abundant plant among the Radaboj fossils which is characteristic of the Upper Miocene period is the Populus mutabilis, whereas no less than fifty of the Radaboj species are common to the more ancient flora of the Lower Molasse of Switzerland. The insect fauna is very rich, and, like the plants, indicates a more tropical climate than do the fossils of Oeningen presently to be mentioned.
Rogitationes plurimas propter vos populus scivit, Quas vos rogatas rumpitis: aliquam reperitis rimam.
How many Regiments will be thought necessary to penetrate the Heart of a populus Country & subdue a sensible enlightned & brave people to the ignominious Terms of Slavery?
INGENIO _Pylium_, Genio _Socratem_, Arte _Maronem_, Terra tegit, Populus mæret, Olympus habet.
Here we already find the idea of a transition on the part of man from a pre-political natural state of freedom and equality into the state of citizenship; the idea of the origin of the state by a contract (social and of submission); of the sovereignty of the ruler (_rex major populo; plenitudo potestatis_), and of popular sovereignty[3] (_populus major principe_); of the original and inalienable prerogatives of the generality, and the innate and indestructible right of the individual to freedom; the thought that the sovereign power is superior to positive law _(princeps legibus solutus_), but subordinate to natural law; even tendencies toward the division of powers (legislative and executive), and the representative system.
Livy here again speaks of the _populus_ as the people to whom the senate left the decision: this must have been the patricians only, for they alone had the right to decide upon the fate of the members of their own order.
In a copy of "Ptolemy" addressed to Pope Urban VI. about 1380, before the alleged visit of the Portuguese, it was stated of the people at Antillia that they lived in a Christian manner, and were most prosperous, "Hie populus christianissime vivit, omnibus divitiis seculi hujus plenus" (D'Avezac, "Nouvelles Annales des voyages," 1845, II.
He afterwards adds, (c. 50, p. 686,) Filii Attilae, quorum per licentiam libidinis poene populus fuit.
Gothi minores, populus immensus, cum suo Pontifice ipsoque primate Wulfila.
Our imagination thronged the Capitol with senators; saw in the Roman Forum the contentions of the tribunes and the patricians; heard the populus Romanus roar in the Coliseum; beheld the splendid processions of victory wind cityward through the Arch of Titus; saw Caesar lie bleeding at the base of Pompey's statue; pondered over the fatal precipice of the Tarpeian Rock; luxuriated in the hollow spaces of the Baths of Caracalla; lost ourselves in gorgeous reveries in the palace of the Caesars, and haunted the yellow stream of Tiber, beneath which lay hidden precious treasures and forgotten secrets.
With respect to the vegetable productions of the district the Populus trepida, or aspen, which thrives in moist situations, is perhaps the most abundant tree on the banks of the Saskatchewan and is much prized as firewood, burning well when cut green.
The Populus balsamifera or taccamahac, called by the Crees matheh meteos, or ugly poplar, in allusion to its rough bark and naked stem, crowned in an aged state with a few distorted branches, is scarcely less plentiful.
The shore is strewed with a considerable quantity of drift timber, principally of the Populus balsamifera, but none of it of great size.
The drift timber on this part of the coast consists of pine and taccamahac (Populus balsamifera) most probably from Mackenzie's or some other river to the westward of the Copper-Mine.

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The junction of these two noble rivers, the Ohio and Mississippi, is really a splendid sight-the scenery is picturesque, and the water at the point of union is fully two miles broad.
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The windings are extremely uniform, with few exceptions, curving in a serpentine form in so regular a manner, that the Indians always calculated the distance by the number of bends.
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There are ten species of Termites, or white ants, some of gigantic size, and large dragon- flies with speckled wings, like those of the Southern States in North America; there are also grasshoppers of considerable size, and even the Lepidoptera are not unrepresented.
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These plants are well preserved in a hard marlstone, and contain several palms; among them the Sabal, Figure 151, and another genus allied to the date-palm Phoenicites spectabilis.
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Vos fenore, hi male suadendo et lustris lacerant homines.
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Hi saltem in occultis locis prostant: vos in foro ipso.