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Some forty years previously, Glafira Petrovna had struck her off the list of the servants who lived in the house, and had ordered her to become a poultry-maid.
After the wedding was over and the emperor had married his son to the poultry-maid, he came down from the throne and gave it to the prince, who, if alive, reigns there still.
He made the old woman his poultry-maid, the rooster he took about with him everywhere, dressed in a gold collar, yellow boots, and spurs on its heels, so that one might have thought it was one of the Three Kings from the Christmas play instead of a mere ordinary rooster.
And first to the farm-yard, where the poultry-maid supplied them with corn: and with this enticement, the fowls and ducks were called together and numbered, and the various beauties of both enumerated.
He is to be killed next, Madam,' answered the poultry-maid, who now approached with two fowls hanging from her hands, from which drops of blood were falling.

Examples of Poultry-maid

Example #1
She seldom spoke, seemed half idiotic, and always wore a servile look.
Example #2
It turned out that her name was Apraxia.
Example #3
I was present at these events, and now tell them to those who listen.
Example #4
Many had assembled to witness this trial.
Example #5
But the old man was very rich; he built great houses, laid out beautiful gardens, and lived luxuriously.
Example #6
From that time she might live on roast nothing and golden wait a while, instead of eggs, for she had abused and killed the poor hen, though it was not at all to blame.