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Definition of Pour

  • To cause to flow in a stream, as a liquid or anything flowing like a liquid, either out of a vessel or into it; as, to pour water from a pail; to pour wine into a decanter; to pour oil upon the waters; to pour out sand or dust.
  • To send forth as in a stream or a flood; to emit; to let escape freely or wholly.
  • To send forth from, as in a stream; to discharge uninterruptedly.
  • To flow, pass, or issue in a stream, or as a stream; to fall continuously and abundantly; as, the rain pours; the people poured out of the theater.
  • A stream, or something like a stream; a flood.
  • move in large numbers
  • flow in a spurt
  • cause to run
  • pour out
  • supply in large amounts or quantities
  • rain heavily

How to use pour in a sentence. Pour pronunciation.

At his feet lay the great mosque, and the citadel, whose guns controlled the city, could pour into it a lava stream of shot and shell.
The excited guests were now knocking at the doors of Cairene notables, bent upon gossip of the night's events, or were scouring the bazaars for ears into which to pour the tale of how David was exalted and Nahoum was brought low; how, before them all, Kaid had commanded Nahoum to appear at the Palace in the morning at eleven, and the Inglesi, as they had named David, at ten.
We would put in a charge of powder, insert half a yard of fuse, pour in sand and gravel and ram it down, then light the fuse and run.
Prosper Merimee, who knew Russian well, and was an absolute master of the French language, remarked:- "La langue russe, qui est, autant que j 'en puis juger, le plus riche des idiomes de l'Europe, semble faite pour exprimer les nuances les plus delicates.
Douee d'une merveilleuse concision qui s'allie a la clarte, il lui suffit d'un mot pour associer plusieurs idees, qui, dans une autre langue, exigeralent des phrases entieres.
This is the very apotheosis of the unctuous gasbag, from whose mouth, eternally ajar, pours a viscous stream of religious and moral exhortation.
There are thoughts which pour oil on the fire of the passions and inflame man's flesh and blood more powerfully than the most unrestrained license.
Clouds that seemed to promise rain were repelled from the heated dry atmosphere over the land, and attracted by the more moist atmosphere over the lake, to pour out their waters there.
Coffee was brought, and, according to custom, a page presented the waiter to the Empress that she might herself pour it out; but the Emperor took it himself, poured the coffee in the cup, and dissolved the sugar, still regarding the Empress, who remained standing as if struck with a stupor.
I but pour it out at your feet.
Then cease to make my hands tremble with the streams of life you pour through them.
He did not dare to avow it, but the dream of his old age, with his fierce moustache and his grim countenance, was the devoted love of some young girl, at whose feet he might pour out, without shame, without distrust even, all the tenderness of his simple and heroic heart.
The fourth Gatling gun, which had been held in reserve, was used during the afternoon of July 10th, and all day on the 11th, to pour a vertical fire upon the city of Santiago, beyond that portion that was visible to the American troops.
Come, let me pour in some sack to the Thames water; for my belly's as cold as if I had swallow'd snowballs for pills to cool the reins.
Pour expliquer la tristesse de ce beau pays parseme de chateaux vides, hante par le souvenir des fetes d'autrefois, il faudrait tout un orchestre.
Je l'entends d'abord sur les violons; plus tard on ajouterait d'autres instruments, des cors sans doute; mais pour rendre la tristesse de mon pauvre pays la bas il ne faut drait pas tout cela.
Pour vous, mon livre sera toujours une belle et noble chose.
Il ne peut jamais devenir pour vous banal comme une epouse.
II sera pour vous une vierge, mieux qu'une vierge, il sera pour vous une demi-vierge.
Once he thought the storm was over; but the thunder crashed again, the rain began to thicken; there was another flash and another crash, and the pour began again.

Examples of Pour

Example #1
The Nile wound its way through the green plains, stretching as far to the north as eye could see between the opal and mauve and gold of the Libyan Hills.
Example #2
From the Mokattam Hills, where he read Faith's letter again, his back against one of the forts which Napoleon had built in his Egyptian days, he scanned the distance.
Example #3
But they declared to all who crowded upon their words that the Inglesi left the Palace with a face frozen white, as though it was he that had met debacle, while Nahoum had been as urbane and cynical as though he had come to the fulness of his power.
Example #4
CHAPTER VII THE COMPACT One by one the lights went out in the Palace.
Example #5
When the explosion came and the rocks and smoke shot into the air, we would go back and find about a bushel of that hard, rebellious quartz jolted out.
Example #6
In the course of an hour or two the drill would reach a depth of two or three feet, making a hole a couple of inches in diameter.