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How to use power-power in a sentence. Power-power pronunciation.

Power-power, that is the thing of all," she said, her eyes shining and her small fingers interlacing with eager vitality: "power to set waves of influence in motion which stir the waters on distant shores.
In the clear height of that plateau the air reverberates greatly; and there's nothing on earth which so much gives a sense of power-power that crushes-as the stamps of a great mine pounding away night and day.
This was power-power made manifest.

Examples of Power-power

Example #1
That seems to me the most wonderful thing.
Example #2
Even the bad great man gone leaves a sense of desolation behind.
Example #3
There they go, thundering on, till it seems to you that some unearthly power is hammering the world into shape.
Example #4
You never heard that sound?
Example #5
The choice bindings of one's books, the quiet harmony of one's surroundings, the gratifying deference of one's dependants-these were the visible, the outward signs, the things he had forgotten.
Example #6
He saw all things in a fresh light-the soft carpets, the soft lights, the numberless pleasant, unnecessary things that color the passing landscape and oil the wheels of life.