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Geoffrey Kingscott is the managing director of Praetorius, a major British translation company and language consultancy, and one of the two editors of Language today, an online magazine for people working in applied languages: translators, interpreters, terminologists, lexicographers and technical writers.
General Praetorius," Danish Envoy, with whose Court there is some tiff of quarrel, "came hither yesterday to take leave of us; he seems very unwilling to quit Prussia.
A copy of Praetorius, for which I paid only fifteen shillings, was to me lately a luxury for weeks; so is a visit to a picture gallery.

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What did using the Internet bring to your company?
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Les relations de coopération s'accroîtront encore à l'avenir, mais pas nécessairement sur la base du volontariat.
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My Wife also has been exceedingly delighted at the fine Present sent her....
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Which he does within the fortnight:- "TO HIS PRUSSIAN MAJESTY (from the Crown-Prince).
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For years after, I had but to think of the Emergency to realise that I was actually in all the chief conditions of happiness.
Example #6
Everything in life seemed to be _luxurious_ as it had never been before.