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How to use pranked in a sentence. Pranked pronunciation.

Membrous C. Pranked C. Convulsive C.
Superstition pranked in the professor's spectacles, it set up a laboratory, and printed grave reports.
The waning stars pranked in the waters blue, And trembled in the wind which from the morning flew.
Sidonian Dido with her hands had made, And pranked with golden tissue, for his wear.
Having pranked himself out in these habiliments, contrary to the strongest expostulations of both wife and son, he took his staff and set forth.

Examples of Pranked

Example #1
Ten. Catso, quoth Friar John, the poor fornicating brother is bashful, and sticks at sixteen, as if that were his stint.
Example #2
Strong C. Jocund C. Restorative C. Twin C. Routing C. Masculinating C. Belabouring C.
Example #3
Day by day its sphere widened.
Example #4
Somebody suggested that the old table-turning and spirit-rapping, which had homely associations, might be re-considered in a scientific light, and the idea was seized upon.
Example #5
On the slant sun's path o'er the waves we go Rejoicing, like the dwellers of an isle _3485 Doomed to pursue those waves that cannot cease to smile.
Example #6
On her and me, as for some speechless boon: I smiled, and both their hands in mine I took, And felt a soft delight from what their spirits shook.