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How to use prayer-the in a sentence. Prayer-the pronunciation.

Jennie hovered about, praying the only prayer that is prayer-the fervent desire of her heart concentrated on the one issue-that Vesta should get well.
The morning and evening prayer-the hymn of her sister voices-their simple spirit of tranquil devotion-and the touching solemnity of her father, worshipping God upon the altar of his own heart-all, all this, alas-alas, charmed her no more.
Daniel Skepsey rejoices in service to his new master, owing to the scientific opinion he can at any moment of the day apply for, as to the military defences of the country; instead of our attempting to arrest the enemy by vociferations of persistent prayer:-the sole point of difference between him and his Matilda; and it might have been fatal but that Nesta's intervention was persuasive.
Can you reject so humble a prayer?-the prayer of a child who only asks that his Light shall lighten him, that his Sun may warm him.

Examples of Prayer-the

Example #1
The child had come so close to her during the last few years!
Example #2
The doctor's face was grave, the nurse was non-committal in her opinion.
Example #3
Oh, no-no; many motives conspired to send her into solitude, that she might in the sanctity of unreproving nature cherish her affection for the youth whose image was ever, ever before her.
Example #4
Nor at home, where every voice was tenderness, and every word affection, did there exist in her stricken heart that buoyant sense of enjoyment which had made her youth like the music of a brook, where every thing that broke the smoothness of its current only turned it into melody.
Example #5
The two members of the Army first in the field to enrol and give rank according to the merits of either, to both sexes, were made one.
Example #6
This one was his wife.