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All that is asserted is that in pre-exilian antiquity the priests' own praxis (at the altar) never constituted the contents of the Torah, but that their Torah always consisted of instructions to the laity.
But the Priestly Code exhibits some peculiarities by which it is distinguished from the pre-exilian remains in matters sacrificial.
In the whole pre-exilian literature the former is mentioned only three times altogether, but never in connection with sacrifice, where, on the contrary, the ordinary meal is used (Judges vi. 19; 1Samuel i. 24).
In authors of a certainly pre-exilian date tbe word occurs only twice, both times in a perfectly general sense.
It is the kernel of the whole, and refers to the pre-exilian time.

Examples of Pre-exilian

Example #1
The distinction is easily intelligible to those who choose to understand it.
Example #2
That the priests were not mere teachers of law and morals, but also gave ritual instruction (e.g, regarding cleanness and uncleanness), is of course not denied by this.
Example #3
In the first place, it is characterised in the case of bloodless offerings by a certain refinement of the material.
Example #4
The features presented by the various literary sources harmonise with the foregoing sketch.
Example #5
That this is no mere accident appears on the one hand from the fact that in the later literature, from Ezekiel onwards, QMX as sacrificial meal entirely disappears, and SLT invariably take its place; on the other hand, from this that the LXX (or the Hebrew text from which that version was taken) is offended by the illegality of the material in 1Samuel i. 24, and alters the reading so as to bring it to conformity with the Law.
Example #6
Thus in the meal-offerings it will have SLT (simila) not QMX (far).