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Definition of Preconceive

  • To conceive, or form an opinion of, beforehand; to form a previous notion or idea of.
  • conceive beforehand

How to use preconceive in a sentence. Preconceive pronunciation.

But archaeologists are the narrowest and dryest of men,-they preconceive a certain system of work and follow it out by mathematical rule and plan, without one touch of imagination to help them to discover new channels of interest or historical information.
So my purpose was to discover him; and I made calculations, and summoned them that serve me to search for such a youth as thou art; fairly, O my betrothed, did I preconceive thee.

Examples of Preconceive

Example #1
It is when these comet-like intelligences sweep across the world's horizon that we hear of a Julius Caesar, a Napoleon, a Shakespeare.
Example #2
Sometimes an unusually brilliant brain conceives the erratic notion of working in several grooves, and is straightway judged as mad or fanatic.
Example #3
And so it was that I traced a magic line from the sand-hills to the city, and from the outer hills to the sand-hills; and whoso approached by that line I knew was he marked out as my champion, my betrothed,-a youth destined for great things.
Example #4
Now when my soul recovered from amazement at the marvels seen, I arose and went from the starry roofs to consult my books of magic, and 'twas revealed to me that one was wandering to a junction with my destiny, and that by his means the great aim would of a surety be accomplished-Shagpat Shaved!