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Definition of Predicative

  • Expressing affirmation or predication; affirming; predicating, as, a predicative term.
  • of adjectives; relating to or occurring within the predicate of a sentence

How to use predicative in a sentence. Predicative pronunciation.

A predicative adjective becomes an intransitive verb, and is conjugated accordingly.
The present of all the active verbs uses this predicative form, while their aorists and futures employ possessive forms.
Albus_ is a dull white as opposed to _ater_, dull black; _candidus_, shining white, opposed to _niger_, shining black. +eximiae pulchritudinis et celeritatis+, genitives of quality. 2. +dono+, predicative dat., or dat.

Examples of Predicative

Example #1
Frequently one of the affixes, both in number and case, is omitted sometimes the affix of the noun, and in other instances that of the adjective, being thus eliminated, according to the euphony of the expression.
Example #2
The other cases are also declined like the nouns.
Example #3
Ten cambezic, I teach him.
Example #4
Thou art going to ascend.
Example #5
The gen. of this word, _neminis_, is only found in writers before Cicero, the abl.
Example #6
For its use after _si_ cf.