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But if it be so in general-if the consequences of majority tyranny in the shape of repressive laws governing personal habits could be predicted so clearly upon general principles-how vastly more certain and more serious must these consequences be when such a law is fastened upon the people by means that would be abhorrent even in the case of any ordinary law!
And concerning those who came to him, he often predicted some days, or even a month, beforehand, and the cause why they were coming.
The terrible results which governesses had predicted from such mental dissipation were certainly apparent now that Cassandra was twenty-two, and had never passed an examination, and daily showed herself less and less capable of passing one.
This was followed of course by the commercial crisis, the general distress, and all the evils which Clay and Webster had predicted, but to which the government of Van Buren seemed to be indifferent while enforcing its pet schemes, against all the settled laws of trade and the experiences of the past.
I will not dwell on that war, which Webster predicted and dreaded.
Douglas did answer, and the result was as Lincoln predicted.
I was sent out from Cabul by him as private messenger just before that cruel massacre, a faux pas, which I vainly predicted.
Notwithstanding this, the Turks were beaten by the Russians, and the man who then predicted the fall of their empire, persists in the prediction.
In fact, now that I come to think of it, I predicted this very thing.
I predicted to your English Bookseller a great sale even, reckoning it the best of all your Books.
Doctor Ellwanger predicted a quick recovery.
Now, it happens, that more than two centuries after Porphyry, we have good evidence, as to Babylon, that it had not yet reached the stage of utter desolation predicted by Isaiah.
It was a clear case, therefore, that, howsoever Europe might please to dream upon the matter when pauperism should have reached that glorious euthanasy predicted by the alchemist of old and the economist of 1800, for the present she must deal actively with her own pauperism on some avowed plan and principle, good or evil-gentle or harsh.
He had been in to see Mr. Hendricks, who had been laid up with bronchitis, and Mr. Hendricks had predicted a long strike.
But the cliffs forbade this, and after another attempt or two to get away, all surrendered and gave up their arms, ready, as had been predicted, to begin cheering Don Ramon, the officers as they gave up their swords humbly asking to be allowed to retain their positions under the new Government, for there seemed to be a general acceptation of the fact now that the petty war was at an end.
And don't spare him, were he an eagle from out of the clouds, were it Lampon(1) himself or the great Diopithes."(2) f(1) Noted Athenian diviner, who, when the power was still shared between Thucydides and Pericles, predicted that it would soon be centred in the hands of the latter; his ground for this prophecy was the sight of a ram with a single horn.
Miss Clegg thought that the latest styles in coat-sleeves were likely to bloom broadcast on so auspicious an occasion, and Mrs. Lathrop herself was sufficiently infected by the advertising in the papers to dare to intrust her friend with the whole of a two-dollar bill to be judiciously invested if bargains should really run as wildly rife as was predicted.
In the brief but great 110th Psalm that waiting is predicted.
The tumult of the nations, as predicted in the _Second_ Psalm, and about to be realized in our own times, the tumult of the nations against the Lord and His Anointed, will be silenced by the coming of the King.

Examples of Predicted

Example #1
The people who object to Prohibition are exultantly told by their masters that it is idle for them to think of throwing off their chains; that the law is riveted upon them by the Constitution, and the possibility of repeal is too remote for practical consideration.
Example #2
To prevent consequences like these, springing as they do from the most deep-seated qualities of human nature, by pious exhortations is a hopeless undertaking.
Example #3
For some came only to see him, and others on account of sickness, and others because they suffered from daemons, and all thought the labour of the journey no trouble nor harm, for each went back aware that he had been benefited.
Example #4
And all found that the Lord had stopped her sufferings while Antony was still praying and calling for her on the goodness of the Saviour.
Example #5
She had worshipped architecture and music, natural history and humanity, literature and art, but always at the height of her enthusiasm, which was accompanied by a brilliant degree of accomplishment, she changed her mind and bought, surreptitiously, another grammar.
Example #6
The more serious prediction that she could never possibly earn her living was also verified.