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A new factor had changed the equation which had presented itself a short half hour ago.
A new factor had also entered into the equation which had been presented to David by Kaid with so flattering an insistence.
The laying down of his life had never been presented to him; and yet, now that his conscience was his only judge, and it condemned him, he would gladly have given his life to pay the price of blood.
The landscape presented when the lantern flashed into the room was picturesque, and might have been funny to some people, but was not to us.
And accordingly took an opportunity to buy a Silver _Snush-Box_; and having before bought some fine French Walnuts, he presented his Mistress with some, and by cracking of them, had an opportunity to tarry longer in the Shop, and gaze more on that Beauty which had already overcome him.
In two or three days after, he comes again and buys half a dozen Silver Spoons and Forks, and then brought some peaches to his Mistress and presents her with them; and a Week after buys some other odd things; and still brought something or other which he presented to his Mistress; who always look'd upon it as the Effect of his good-nature, and Affable Temper, and had no apprehension of his being her humble Servant.
In 1831 he had the good fortune to meet the poet Pushkin, and a few months later in the same year he was presented to Madame Smirnova; these friends gave him the entree to the literary salons, and the young author, lonesome as he was, found the intellectual stimulation he needed.
The whole surface of the earth presented itself as a green-gold ocean, upon which were sprinkled millions of different flowers.
The professional harlot has often been presented on the stage and in the pages of fiction, but after learning to know Sonia, the others seem weakly artificial.
The long novel "Mother" is a good picture of life among the working-people in a Russian factory, that is, life as seen through Gorki's eyes; all cheerfulness and laughter are, of course, absent, and we have presented a dull monotone of misery.
In reading this utterly formless and incoherent drama, I had been only slightly affected; but when it was presented on the stage by actors who intelligently incarnated every single character, the thing took on a terrible intensity.
Passing the house of a friend, just returned from Europe, she called for a few moments, and was presented with a small and peculiar plant, brought from Wales.
Within twenty minutes more I was presented with a _surprise_ of $40, from a people where I had preached for the six months past.
Before he had time to obtain it, there was presented to him a certain charitable object which seemed to demand a portion of his little store.
After some consideration as to whether it was his duty to give as much as the ten dollars, which first presented itself to his mind as the proper sum to bestow, he concluded to follow his convictions, and thus assist one who was more needy than himself, and trust in the Lord to provide the coat.
He was in doubt whether to give her the dollar and suffer his sick wife to go without something palatable, but in a moment, "Blessed is he that considereth the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble," presented itself to his mind, and-the dollar dried the widow's tears.
We were accustomed to meet almost every day for the purpose of arranging the Sunday school library, but would occupy a portion of the time, usually at noon, in prayer for such persons or objects as were presented to the mind.
I went from his bedside to the union prayer-meeting, held in our city during the week of prayer, where I presented his case and asked the brethren to pray that God would save this poor man even at the eleventh hour, and spare him to give good evidence of his conversion.
He did not tell the young man he was a sinner and must flee from the wrath to come; he merely presented the _love_ of Jesus; the love that saved to the very _uttermost_; that waited more patiently than any earthly friend, and forgave more royally.
He presented the paper to the neighbors of the two disciples, taking their names as witnesses, and saving that he should go and present the accusation on the next day.

Examples of Presented

Example #1
A new factor had also entered into the equation which had been presented to David by Kaid with so flattering an insistence.
Example #2
The reasons were clear in Nahoum's mind why he should not act yet.
Example #3
He sat in the place where Kaid had left him, his face drawn and white, his eyes burning, but with no other "sign of agitation.
Example #4
A new factor had changed the equation which had presented itself a short half hour ago.
Example #5
He was with out fear, as he was without an undue love of life.
Example #6
For their standard was a standard of might the only right; but he-his whole life had been nurtured in an atmosphere of right and justice, had been a spiritual demonstration against force.