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How to use pretendin in a sentence. Pretendin pronunciation.

Fay has taken you're pretendin' to-to care for me for the thing it looks on the face.
Anyway, we didn't join no card games, an' without pretendin' to, we was some watchful.
Here's a man that calls himself a man and goes mopin' around pretendin' to BE a man, and what does he do?
You are pretendin', aren't you?
An' when they ain't, pretendin' they are good?
Yes, I like an English church; but as for Minister pretendin' for to come for to go for to preach agin that beautiful long-haired young rebel, Squire Absalom, for 'stealin' the hearts of the people,' why it's rather takin' the rag off the bush, ain't it?
Well, there he was comin' across the stubble-at a fine pace, too, with his coat 'pon his arm-when as I guess he spied me down in the road below and stopped short, danderin' about an' pretendin' to poke up weeds with his stick.

Examples of Pretendin

Example #1
An' her little formin' mind asks questions.
Example #2
What I want to say is this.
Example #3
Jim thought Rojas's excitement was at the hatchin' of some plot.
Example #4
People seemed to think Campo an' Rojas would join forces to oust the federals.
Example #5
I'll tell you who he was-is, I mean.
Example #6
We-ll," with deliberation, "I guess I shan't, unless you stop talkin' yourself, and give me a chance.