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How to use procureth in a sentence. Procureth pronunciation.

Nothing procureth love like humility; nothing hate, like pride.
For the representing of so strange a power in love, procureth delight: and the scornfulness of the action stirreth laughter.
Now, of late, I have found, that Hogs-wooll, of severall colours, makes good grounds; and the wooll of a red Heyfer makes a good body: And Bears wool makes a good ground; so I now work much of them, and it procureth very much sport.

Examples of Procureth

Example #1
The proud man walks among daggers pointed against him; whereas the humble and the affable, have the people for their guard in dangers.
Example #2
When God appeared to Moses, it was not in the lofty cedar, nor the sturdy oak, nor the spreading plane; but in a bush, an humble, slender, abject shrub: as if he would, by these elections, check the conceited arrogance of man.
Example #3
But I speak to this purpose, that all the end of the comical part be not upon such scornful matters as stir laughter only: but mixed with it, that delightful teaching which is the end of poesy.
Example #4
Yet deny I not, but that they may go well together; for as in Alexander's picture well set out we delight without laughter, and in twenty mad antics we laugh without delight: so in Hercules, painted with his great beard, and furious countenance, in woman's attire, spinning at Omphale's commandment, it breedeth both delight and laughter.
Example #5
Note, the lightest of your Flies for cloudy and darknesse, and the darkest of your Flies for lightnesse, and the rest for indifferent times; that a mans owne Judgement, with some experience and discretion must guide him: If he mean to kill Fish, he must alter his Flies according to these directions.
Example #6
As for the May-Flie, you shall have them always playing at the River side, especially against Raine.