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Definition of Promenade

  • A walk for pleasure, display, or exercise.
  • A place for walking; a public walk.
  • To walk for pleasure, display, or exercise.
  • a leisurely walk (usually in some public place)
  • a march of all the guests at the opening of a formal dance
  • a square dance figure; couples march counterclockwise in a circle
  • a public area set aside as a pedestrian walk
  • a formal ball held for a school class toward the end of the academic year
  • take a leisurely walk
  • march in a procession

How to use promenade in a sentence. Promenade pronunciation.

After repeated promenades in all directions, the Emperor seated himself with every mark of extreme impatience, asking every moment what time it was, or looking at his watch; and at last ordered me to prepare writing materials, and took his seat all alone at a little table, doubtless swearing internally at his secretaries, who had not arrived.
When the play was over, their Majesties commenced a promenade in the park of the Petit- Trianon, the Emperor, hat in hand, giving his arm to the Empress, and being followed by all his court.
Ebb-tide uncovers no fair stretch of sand, and at flood the breakers are thwarted on a bulwark of piled stone, which supports the railway, or protects a promenade.
For the first few days after their arrival at Teignmouth, they sat or walked on the promenade, walked or sat on the pier, sat or walked on the Den-a long, wide lawn, decked about with shrubs and flower-beds, between sea-fronting houses and the beach.
The greater part of the morning she spent at home, and in her own room; after lunch, she sat idly on the promenade, little disposed for conversation.
Although rather clever, they bowed down, with the adoration of bourgeoises, before that aristocracy, more or less pure, that paraded up and down the Champs Elysees, in the theatres, at the race-course, and on the most frequented promenades, its frivolous affairs and rival vanities.
The General began one of his solemn promenades across the room.
While his host was engaged in procuring this luxury a man entered the room and told Popanilla that he had walked that day two thousand five hundred paces, and that the tax due to the Excise upon this promenade was fifty crowns.
I have been charged with some few necessary explanations and negotiations, the delivery of some presents, and, when I have visited this first-class institute, enjoying all the attractions of the Jardin Anglais and the Promenade du Lac, I shall flee these tranquil slopes of the Pennine Alps.
He gazed upon the fresh face of the rebellious young American social mutineer with an increasing wonder as they wandered alone on the Promenade des Bastions, and was simply astounded when he vainly tried to take advantage of a shady corner in the Musee Ariana to steal a kiss from the wayward girl's rosy lips.
Nor, did the Hindu divulge his secret report to Madame Berthe Louison, after her ostentatious public carriage promenade.
A round of inspection of all the principal jewel marts of the continent had been only a fruitless, solitary tourist promenade.
Neapel wandern und dort auf der Promenade aufgestellt werden.
She had taken the whole of a cabin on the quieter deck below the promenade, paying for it nearly half of what was left of the four thousand francs.
Twas then he loved the tangled grove And solitude and calm delight, The moon, the stars, and shining night- The moon, the lamp of heaven above, To whom we used to consecrate A promenade in twilight late With tears which secret sufferers love- But now in her effulgence pale A substitute for lamps we hail!
This grove is the favourite promenade of the Sevillians, and there one occasionally sees assembled whatever the town produces of beauty or gallantry.
Sper-ing Flow-ers," Carol simpered gently, and, letting his hands fall limp from the wrists, fluttered imaginary skirts in a fantastic promenade across the room.
Dans le quartier, Gervaise et Coupeau étaient un bon ménage, vivant à l'écart, sans batteries, avec un tour de promenade régulier le dimanche, du côté de Saint-Ouen.
Le jour où ils achetèrent leurs meubles, chez un revendeur de la rue Belhomme, ils firent, avant de rentrer, une promenade sur les boulevards extérieurs, le coeur gonflé d'une grosse joie.
Lorsqu'il put se passer de béquilles, il poussa ses promenades plus loin, courut les chantiers pour revoir les camarades.

Examples of Promenade

Example #1
The building in the court of the Cheval-Blanc, which had been formerly used as a military school, had been restored, enlarged, and decorated with extraordinary magnificence, and had been turned entirely into apartments of honor, in order, as his Majesty said, to give employment to the manufacturers of Lyons, whom the war deprived of any, outside market.
Example #2
During this time of waiting, the Emperor employed himself in visiting the new apartments that had been added to the chateau.
Example #3
They first visited the Isle of Love, and found all the enchantments of fairyland and its illusions there united.
Example #4
At the end of the piece, the principal artists of the opera executed a ballet which was considered very fine.
Example #5
Dawlish and Teignmouth have in themselves no charm; hotel and lodging-house, shamed by the soft pure light that falls about them, look blankly seaward, hiding what remains of farm or cottage in the older parts.
Example #6
But inland these discontents are soon forgotten; there amid tilth and pasture, gentle hills and leafy hollows of rural Devon, the eye rests and the mind is soothed.