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How to use proportion-a in a sentence. Proportion-a pronunciation.

A singularly powerful man, not so tall as Kenelm by some inches, but still above the middle height, herculean shoulders and chest, the lower limbs not in equal proportion,-a sort of slouching, shambling gait.
There was also this anomaly in the man, that while ten years appeared to have been added to his age-his strength was increased in the same proportion-a change that made itself evident by the attitude in which he stood.
Let us mix with these a big proportion-a proportion we may increase steadily-of keen scholarship men from the elementary schools.

Examples of Proportion-a

Example #1
As he advanced the moonlight fell on his face; it was a handsome one.
Example #2
Kenelm eyed him with attention.
Example #3
He had evidently suffered much, and there was a stamp of thought on the heavy countenance that Gerald had never remarked there before.
Example #4
Ferocious he still was, but it was a ferocity, wholly unmixed with the cunning of his former years, that he now exhibited.
Example #5
Such a braced-up class as we should create in this way would give us the realities of military power, which are enterprise, knowledge, and invention; and at the same time it would add to and not subtract from the economic wealth of the community Make men; that is the only sane, permanent preparation for war.
Example #6
Let us begin with the educated and propertied classes and exact a couple of years' service in a destroyer or a waterplane, or an airship, or a, research laboratory, or a training camp, from the sons of everybody who, let us say, pays income tax without deductions.