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Definition of Proportionality

  • The state of being in proportion.
  • harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design)
  • a ratio of two quantities that is constant

How to use proportionality in a sentence. Proportionality pronunciation.

Generosity, gratitude (I mean here only that gratitude which is born of admiration of a superior power), and friendship are three distinct shades of a single sentiment which I will call equite, or SOCIAL PROPORTIONALITY.
Property, born of the sovereignty of the reason, and the sense of personal merit, wishes above all things INDEPENDENCE and PROPORTIONALITY.
Communism rejects independence and proportionality; property does not satisfy equality and law.
That PROPORTIONALITY, being admitted only in the sphere of intelligence and sentiment, and not as regards material objects, may be observed without violating justice or social equality.
Liberty is proportionality, because it allows the utmost latitude to the ambition for merit, and the emulation of glory.

Examples of Proportionality

Example #1
Friendship is precious to the hearts of the children of men.
Example #2
May I die without knowing to whom among you I owe the most esteem!
Example #3
But communism, mistaking uniformity for law, and levelism for equality, becomes tyrannical and unjust.
Example #4
Communism seeks EQUALITY and LAW.
Example #5
Now, if we imagine a society based upon these four principles,-equality, law, independence, and proportionality,-we find:- 1.
Example #6
Because both are exclusive, and each disregards two elements of society.