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How to use propos in a sentence. Propos pronunciation.

I have secured an ally in a young Austrian prince, who is now in London, and who has promised to back, with all his influence, a memorial I shall transmit to Vienna.-/a propos/, my dear Audley, now that you have a little breathing-time, you must fix an hour for me to present to you my young poet, the son of her sister.
Then the three men, isolating themselves from the others, went on conversing together, at first on medical subjects, and at last diverging into a discussion on romanesque architecture, /a propos/ of a steeple which they had perceived on a hillside, and which every pilgrim had saluted with a sign of the cross.
Camille once said there was some hidden fatality in names, /a propos/ of hers.
A member of all clubs, subscriber to all the absurdities generated by patriotism or party spirit ill-understood (a compliance which put him in the front rank /a propos/ of all such matters), this loyal, brave, and very silly nobleman, whom unfortunately so many rich men resemble, would naturally desire to distinguish himself by adopting some fashionable mania.

Examples of Propos

Example #1
At moments the expression of his face is so like hers.
Example #2
But if the count is not formidable, why, his sister is not needed; and I hope yet to get justice for my Italian friend through the ordinary channels.
Example #3
Swayed once more by the habits of cultivated intellect, the young priest and his two companions forgot themselves together in the midst of their fellow-passengers, all those poor, suffering, simple-minded folk, whom wretchedness stupefied.
Example #4
I shall be so happy; she will have loaded me with favours.
Example #5
That fatality I felt for myself on the jetty of Guerande, when I read on the shores of the ocean your name.
Example #6
I know, Beatrix, that you cannot love me without the loss of your self-esteem; therefore I ask for no return.