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How to use propped-up in a sentence. Propped-up pronunciation.

Ten minutes before she had been a happy queen flaunting over her attic floor in a dream of joy before a broken, propped-up looking-glass under the splendid illumination of three dips, long since secreted for purposes of the kind.
Their nerves were on the keenest tension as they reached the stern of the propped-up hull.

Examples of Propped-up

Example #1
Elise-the wraith of her-went with him, hand in hand, ghost with ghost, amid this multitude of men.
Example #2
He wandered on through the lamp-lit city and the crowded pavements.
Example #3
Then they came in sight of the quarry.
Example #4
By this time a noise that plainly proceeded from the use of tools came to the ears of the boys.