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Definition of Puckery

  • Producing, or tending to produce, a pucker; as, a puckery taste.
  • Inclined to become puckered or wrinkled; full of puckers or wrinkles.

How to use puckery in a sentence. Puckery pronunciation.

Tiny, puckery lines came into her pretty forehead.
The little puckery lines came into her smooth forehead when he apologized for his tardiness by explaining that he had not gone to bed until one o'clock.
Bfrewcript! Xvbnhytrwewqauitopekgsteredse!" cried that baboon, and no one could understand what he said, not even a phonograph, for you see his mouth and throat were nearly closed up by the puckery lemon.

Examples of Puckery

Example #1
It was a trick he loved at first sight.
Example #2
She was smiling at him from out of the big chair, and in spite of himself he smiled back at her.
Example #3
She was, to him, exquisite.
Example #4
For the first time Keith was looking at her from a point of vantage; there was just so much distance between them, no more and no less, and the light was right.
Example #5
And of course he couldn't eat Pinky, for he could not even swallow some slippery elm, which as everybody knows, is the slipperiest thing there is.
Example #6
And when the sour lemon juice got in the baboon's mouth and eyes, and some trickled down on his mumpy throat.