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How to use puckey in a sentence. Puckey pronunciation.

Next morning Doctor Unonius was called away from his breakfast to visit Sarah Puckey, an aged market woman or 'regrater,' whom he found in a state of prostration following (it was alleged) upon a severe nervous shock.
Mrs Puckey certainly knew her subject, and if in experience she fell a little short of Chaucer's 'Wife of Bath,' she handled it with something of that lady's freedom, and, in detail, with a plainness of speech worthy of Panurge.
Old Mrs Puckey was dead and laid in churchyard, and the doctor remained a bachelor.
While he peered and blinked, memory recalled to him old Mrs Puckey's tale of the money-chest kept by the widow Tresize beneath her bed.

Examples of Puckey

Example #1
After listening awhile he replaced the gun and retired to rest.
Example #2
Captain Minards arose, reached it down, loaded it with a charge of powder, and, stepping to the window, let bang at the trees. . . .
Example #3
She knew very well that by further reference to Mrs Tresize she risked cutting short the doctor's visit.
Example #4
He was a great reader of Montaigne, and like Montaigne he loved listening to folks, however humble, who (as he put it) knew their subject.
Example #5
A year passed; a year and three months.
Example #6
Was this some faint inherited memory of 'the old profession'?-_In nomine domini, etc.