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How to use pudenziana in a sentence. Pudenziana pronunciation.

It is he who gave to the Church his house in Rome, of which much that remains is covered by the Church of St. Pudenziana.
Pudenziana," where we can still find antique beauty of design.
For the mosaics of Santa Pudenziana, see Woltmann and Woermann, i.
Morris, William, 290. Mosaics, 40, 300, 314; Empress Theodora's dress figured in, 41, 93; of Sta. Pudenziana, 306, 317; early Christian, 314; in Sta.

Examples of Pudenziana

Example #1
Pudens gave this chair to St. Peter, and it became the throne of the See.
Example #2
It formed, according to tradition, part of the furniture of the house of the Senator Pudens, an early convert to the Christian faith.
Example #3
Of the fourth century they give as examples the mosaics of "S^ta.
Example #4
Woltmann and Woermann say that the efforts of the Christians in the time of Constantine tended to delay the extinction of classical design in Rome.
Example #5
Dr. Bock gives authentic illustrations as well as information about the finest Continental specimens.
Example #6
Early decorations of ecclesiastical dress are so thoroughly illustrated by the ancient frescoes and mosaics in Italy, that we can form an idea of the embroidered vestments of each period by studying them, and the early illuminated books that are scattered over Europe.