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How to use puritani in a sentence. Puritani pronunciation.

I have heard to-day "Suoni la Tromba," "Son Vergin Vezzosa," from the "Puritani," and other airs, and very badly they were played too; for such a great monster as a tower-bell cannot be expected to imitate Madame Grisi or even Signor Lablache.
She wrote, carolling bars of the Puritani marches; and such will passion do, that her choice of music was quite in harmony with her theme.
But the Opera was The Puritani, my favourite.

Examples of Puritani

Example #1
They not only play tunes of themselves, and every quarter of an hour, but an individual performs selections from popular operas on them at certain periods of the morning, afternoon, and evening.
Example #2
In the tower there is a chime of bells that keep ringing perpetually.
Example #3
The martially- amorous melodies of Italian Opera in those days fostered a passion challenged to intrepidity from the heart of softness; gliding at the same time, and putting warm blood even into dull arithmetical figures which might be important to her lover, her hero fronting battle.
Example #4
As soon as he left her, she was writing to the lover who had an hour previously been hearing her voice; the note of her theme being Party; and how to serve it, when to sacrifice it to the Country.
Example #5
And he saw me sitting in Lady Pennon's box alone.
Example #6
We were compromised neck-deep already.