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How to use q-town in a sentence. Q-town pronunciation.

I'll run to the house with the guns," said Harry, "and we can all go at once off to the _Youth_." "Mr Clare," continued Captain Mugford, "can't go with us, he says, but must walk over to Q-town and spend the day.
He said, however, that possibly he might remain in Q-town until after Sunday morning service.
Mr Clare, after morning service in the church at Q-town, where he had gone to hear a college friend preach, took advantage of the lovely autumn day to walk home, which was about ten miles.

Examples of Q-town

Example #1
That's a pity, for I calculated on having a capital time all together, on a voyage like this one we propose.
Example #2
And to do this we must get our traps aboard this evening, and see that everything is in order on board the _Youth_." "Good! nothing could suit us better, Captain.
Example #3
When Captain Mugford had completed his smoke, by which time we had a fine steady breeze from the south-east, he rose from his luxurious position and took Walter's place at the helm, saying- "Not a permanent removal, Walter, but only until I can put the cutter just where I want her for fish.
Example #4
He had told us the evening before that he should probably return from his visit the same day, getting home about the time we expected to be back-about sundown, which at that date in September was at twenty minutes after six.
Example #5
He made his way slowly, enjoying every foot of the road, little contemplating the shock he was to receive at his journey's end.
Example #6
Clump was so frightened himself that he had to talk pretty strong to his spouse.