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It is so often introduced as if quantity would compensate for quality,-a common error in other things than stucco.
He had been once or twice to dine with Col. Sellers, and had been discouraged to note that the Colonel's bill of fare was falling off both in quantity and quality-a sign, he feared, that the lacking ingredient in the eye-water still remained undiscovered-though Sellers always explained that these changes in the family diet had been ordered by the doctor, or suggested by some new scientific work the Colonel had stumbled upon.
And when the clergyman' spoke there was no anger in his voice, but a quality-a feeling which was disturbing, and difficult to define.
Unimagined numbers of America's women possess that quality-a fact that is becoming more and more apparent every day.

Examples of Quality-a

Example #1
Though often desirable and appropriate, as a general rule the more the worse.
Example #2
The chief objection to stucco arises from its being a cheap material, easily wrought.
Example #3
But it always turned out that the lacking ingredient was still lacking-though it always appeared, at the same time, that the Colonel was right on its heels.
Example #4
He longed for riches now as he had ever longed for them before.
Example #5
So many seconds, indeed, went by that Mr. Atterbury began once more to grow slightly nervous under the strange gaze to which he was subjected.
Example #6
Hodder did not reply at once.