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Definition of Qualm

  • A sudden attack of illness, faintness, or pain; an agony.
  • Especially, a sudden sensation of nausea.
  • A prick or scruple of conscience; uneasiness of conscience; compunction.
  • uneasiness about the fitness of an action
  • a mild state of nausea

How to use qualm in a sentence. Qualm pronunciation.

There he goes I'faith; he seem'd as if he had a Qualm just now; but he never goes without a Dram of Conscience-water about him to set Matters right again.
If he had blown it out, as many priests had done, he would not have experienced any qualms of conscience.
The dead languages were taught with such thoroughness that an old boy seldom thought of Homer or Virgil in after life without a qualm of boredom; and though in the common room at dinner one or two bolder spirits suggested that mathematics were of increasing importance, the general feeling was that they were a less noble study than the classics.
She was sinking away and now losing her will and identity in his own, without one warning qualm of conscience.
There were certain qualms of fear already unsettling his triumphant calmness.
I should have risked the love of my husband and the happiness of your sweetheart without a qualm.
Pardon me, gracious lord; Some sudden qualm hath struck me at the heart And dimm'd mine eyes, that I can read no further.
The shadow had assumed tangible shape, and at the sound of its human voice a trepidation affected Fortune La Pearle's knees, and his stomach was stricken with the qualms of sudden relief.
I walked rapidly up and down upon the green sward; at length, feeling my thirst increase, I directed my steps down the narrow path to the spring which ran amidst the bushes; arriving there, I knelt down and drank of the water, but on lifting up my head I felt thirstier than before; again I drank, but with the like result; I was about to drink for the third time, when I felt a dreadful qualm which instantly robbed me of nearly all my strength.
I got up and made the best of my way back to my tent; before I reached it the qualm had seized me again, and I was deadly sick.
I flung myself on my pallet, qualm succeeded qualm, but in the intervals my mouth was dry and burning, and I felt a frantic desire to drink, but no water was at hand, and to reach the spring once more was impossible; the qualms continued, deadly pains shot through my whole frame; I could bear my agonies no longer, and I fell into a trance or swoon.
How long I continued therein I know not; on recovering, however, I felt somewhat better, and attempted to lift my head off my couch; the next moment, however, the qualms and pains returned, if possible, with greater violence than before.
If it had any influence on me at all, it set me against Evolution; and the only review I ever have qualms of conscience about, on the ground of needless savagery, is one I wrote on the 'Vestiges' while under that influence.
Soames agreed, not without certain inward qualms; for the proximity of the hostelry to New Scotland Yard was a disquieting circumstance.
His usual appetite had departed with his identity; Mr. Lucas was a poor, twitching being of raw nerves and internal qualms.
That mysterious trap in the wall gave him many qualms, and to-night he had glanced at it a thousand times.
Reuben's qualms returned upon him.
There was _some_ moral awakening in it; he had some real qualms about sin, some real aspirations after holiness, and, so far, the self-consciousness which had first stirred at Haworth was deepened and fertilised.
On the other, it was understood between them that Dora would look after Lucy's interests, and keep her informed how the land lay while she was in the south, and Lucy, with the blindness of self-love, trusted herself to her cousin without a suspicion or a qualm.
He spoke under the pressure of a sudden qualm, knowing it would be no use; but his voice had almost a note of entreaty in it.

Examples of Qualm

Example #1
Speak, or by all the Flame and Fire of Hell eternal; speak, or thou art dead.
Example #2
In the 'Inconstant', or the 'Way to Win him. 1702'.
Example #3
The other priests in the diocese experienced none when they drove erring women out of their parishes, and the reason of this was that they followed a light from without, deliberately shutting out the light of the soul.
Example #4
But the soul is more than that-it is a light; and this inner light, faint at first, had not been blown out.
Example #5
Neither German nor chemistry was taught, and French only by the form-masters; they could keep order better than a foreigner, and, since they knew the grammar as well as any Frenchman, it seemed unimportant that none of them could have got a cup of coffee in the restaurant at Boulogne unless the waiter had known a little English.
Example #6
The masters had no patience with modern ideas of education, which they read of sometimes in The Times or The Guardian, and hoped fervently that King's School would remain true to its old traditions.